Test Equipment

In order to meet the special demands of on-line testing of utility-scale generators and their controls, Kestrel has designed a number of innovative transducers and recorders. The safety features and user interfaces reflect our decades of experience testing sensitive controls on units of all sizes under the demanding power station environment. Our hardware is manufactured, distributed and supported by Broy Engineering Limited under their ISO9000 quality program. Our custom test equipment allows us to test the generator’s controls in a controlled way and produce digital data for simulation, analysis and reporting as needed to meet NERC MOD-025, MOD-026, and MOD-027 compliance requirements. For ordering information contact Broy Engineering.

PowerVu Data Recorder

The PowerVu2 data acquisition system is the second generation device designed specifically for measuring the response of utility generators and other three-phase power system devices during staged tests or under ambient operating conditions. The PowerVu2 includes fully isolated multi-channel inputs and test outputs for connection to generator controls with special features for the NERC MOD-026 and MOD-027 required testing and model verification of generators, excitation systems, power system stabilizers and governors.

(PowerVu Front View)

The PowerVu data recorders are configured and controlled through any laptop computer running the advanced client software. The PowerVu Client provides advanced tools for visualizing test results in real time and archiving them for future reporting.

(PowerVu Client Meters Screen)
ISOCH Frequency Recorder

The ISOCH (derived from the term isochronous, the constant frequency mode of governing) frequency recorder is a microprocessor-based data acquisition system that has been designed specifically to perform un-attended measurement of power system frequency and governor quantities. The ISOCH continuously monitors the input frequency and initiates a recording based on various triggers. It has been designed for high resolution and accuracy and uses various trigger algorithms to automatically identify events that will be of interest to power system planners, operations specialists and station maintenance staff for use in NERC MOD-027 required verification of Models and Data for Turbine/Governor and Load Control or Active Power/Frequency Control Functions.

Unlike other standalone frequency recorders, the ISOCH is capable of measuring four other analog quantities allowing the system to be used as a rugged, highly portable recorder for governor system tests and troubleshooting. It is also capable of generating an analog output signal proportional to frequency for use with other recording equipment or metering.

(ISOCH Rear View Showing Connection Points)

The ISOCH Client software provides a real-time display of frequency and other measured quantities and provides the interface for configuring the ISOCH triggering and recording.

(ISOCH Client Real-Time Display)

Configuration options include a single-phase power measurement and an isolated two-channel input card with offset and gain adjustments to maximize measurement resolution.