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Kestrel develops innovative solutions for the utility industry focusing on generator control and compliance with the regulatory requirements imposed by NERC, Regional Reliability Organizations and Independent System Operators.

Changing regulatory requirements and technical challenges require that Utility Staff are constantly updating their skills and monitoring the new requirements and available solutions. Kestrel provides a full complement of consulting and training services as well as on site testing and tuning services designed specifically to address Regulatory Compliance and generator controls and protections. These include turnkey support of NERC standards MOD-025, MOD-026, MOD-027, PRC-019, PRC-024, PRC-025, PRC-026, and PRC-027. We constantly monitor emerging trends and adapt our service offerings accordingly.

In Memory of Roger Berube


On July 16, 2010, we at Kestrel unexpectedly lost a close friend and colleague, Roger Berube. Roger was a Kestrel co-founder and senior engineer and to those who worked with him, he was a great engineer, teacher, friend and confidant. As a professional, Roger was driven, charitable with his knowledge, a pleasure to work with, and an expert in his field.

More importantly, to his family, he was a loving husband, caring son and devoted father. Roger was an accomplished and dedicated cyclist, hockey player, canoeist and sports fan. He was always generous with his time as a karate instructor, scout leader and childrens' sports coach.

His integrity, energy, good humour, sense of adventure and caring spirit will be sorely missed.

Roger was devoted to many causes, but focused on raising money for cancer research. Donations can be made in the name of Gerald Roger Berube to the Princess Margaret Hospital (Toronto), for whom he raised funds for the past three years through charity rides.




Las Vegas Course
Sep 16 – 20, 2019.
Generation Controls
Theory & practical aspects of generator and generator controls

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